We are committed to improving lives through our innovative medical technology solutions. We can accelerate product commercialisation  to create innovative medical tools for hospitals, health systems and healthcare providers so they can deliver the best care possible to patients.

With changing healthcare demands, we are committed to offering devices that will solve problems of costs, inefficiencies and ease of use, to deliver better healthcare. As we go forward, we plan to introduce a new dimension in Connected Health and have seamless integration with hospital record systems.


About Us

Trimedika translates leading technological advances into medical devices for clinical use today!

Headquartered in the UK, our team has over 20 years experience in the manufacture and distribution of medical products into international clinical markets. Working directly with hospitals, clinics and Research & Development teams to implement the latest technology, our goal is to put technology into the hands of clinical personnel to benefit patients.

About Us

Connected Devices

We aim to deliver on the Connected Health promises!

Our Research and Development team are building robust devices with the user in mind which will minimise infection, optimise cost savings and future proof products for the Connected Health future.

The ability to capture, share, understand, and act
on all of the vital signs data is at the core of today’s healthcare
IT challenges – and the solutions. We are developing a  platform that provides technology for each step of the process offering 
better clinical outcomes and lower costs through improvements and efficiencies in healthcare.


TriMedika delivering on the Connected Health promise!

​Innovations in medical device technology